Celebrating Father's Day with David Markunas of Roslindog Walks

by Josh Mendelsohn in June 18th, 2020

Happy Father’s Day!

Experts say children with more involved fathers have fewer behavioral problems, longer attention spans, and better sociability. Those are qualities we can appreciate – in kids and pets! So can David Markunas, owner of Roslindog Walks, serving pets of Roslindale, Jamaica Plain, Dedham, and Brookline, MA since 2011.

David’s pride and joy is his 16-month-old daughter Joey and of course, Becky, his wife. A second baby – a boy! – will soon be joining the family too.

“It’s changed a lot since Joey was born,” said David. “I was young and single when I started this business and had a lot more freedom, which a new business needs to thrive. Having a child changes that. You have to figure out how to do both passions.”

That means a lot of juggling. “We’re both working parents, so I’ll drop Joey off at daycare in the morning, and Becky picks her up. Teamwork allows me to keep doing what I love with dog walking.”

Speaking of, having a great team at work helps, too. “I have three employees, and I could not do any of this without them,” he said. David is proud of the lasting relationships that he and his team have been able to cultivate with clients.

Of course, the right tools can also make a big difference. David estimates that PetPocketbook saves him 12 hrs/wk: “You gave me more time with my daughter. That’s quantifiable.” His favorite feature? “Easy mobile access,” he said. “I can pull the car over, sit and check for walks, look over invoices, and finish up my day so that when I walk through my door, I get to be Dad right away.”

“Pet care taught me how to be a Dad,” said David. “You have no choice but to show up. I love that. Being a dad showed me there are things far, far more important than myself. That’s something you learn through taking care of animals. You have to remember things like, it’s not always training time and not always play time. You don’t dictate the schedule. Some days you’re not going to get things accomplished. You accept it, and just move on.”

David considers himself a lucky dad. “Now I get to do what I love during the day, and come home and do it there as well with my daughter.”

Here’s to David and all dads!

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